8 01 2012

I woke up this morning to the news of Beyonces B’Day , in this case of course I mean birth day. Her daughter Blue Ivy Carter has arrived! I would like to congratulate both her and Jay-Z. Beyonce is one of my favorite artists and this news makes me smile, it also got me thinking about birth.. and rebirth. So I went off in search of it in the only place I was sure it would be, in nature. I went to my local park, armed with my camera to take some pics and get some air. On the way I found a small fruit tree and some wild mushrooms growing in the middle of the street. The fact that everything else around looked so dreary and they were still growing through was very beautiful. Walking around the park I  found so many things starting to grow, new life everywhere, and also things dying off or hibernating. Its hard to believe sometimes that I miss the beauty just behind my house because I am too busy noticing what is ugly about it which is why Ive included my last photo, it shows a rather ordinary scene yet for some reason I couldn’t stop looking at the picture. I thought I would share some of my pictures with you all : )






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