The beginning…

7 01 2012

So I feel that since this is in fact my first post I should probably explain my intentions… although justify them I will not. It has become clear to me that what is of the highest importance in life is simply to enjoy the moment. Living in London and managing the daily stresses of life sometimes means that I get tunnel vision and do not see that really there is an opportunity for happiness at every turn. So while strolling around Islington with a friend we came up on a shop called  Lie down i think i love you  and so the concept for this blog was born. The idea of surrendering felt like such a relief to me. I decided to seize and document the beautiful and inspiring things in my life and let them in. So I will simply be sharing day by day, week by week, month by month, the things that enrich my life. Hopefully they will be things that can be shared and enjoyed by you, the readers and you can, metaphorically speaking lie down and let me love you ….

Where it all began....




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7 01 2012

excited to read more!!

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