Is this love?

6 04 2012

Last night I went to see one of the greatest musical performances I have ever seen. My brother brought me my mum and aunt tickets to see Allen Stone at the Jazz Cafe in Camden. I had listened to Allen’s music and found it beautiful but I had no idea I would be quite so blown away. We arrived to see the support band ZZWard who were great. The band were really tight and the huge smile that never left the drummers face was an early indication that this would be something special. The lead singers vocals were powerful but the real highlight was when she whipped out a harmonica. I felt proud, as a woman to see her up there with such a great band, kicking ass.

On to the main event. Allen Stone and his 5 piece band. My brother and I were standing close to some Americans, one of whom was from Seattle, like Allen. They, like us, could not contain their excitement at being able to be there. Allen came on and played songs from his self titled album. I was blown away by how incredible and effortless his vocals were. To me it seemed that he was just so full of love and he could not contain it. His whole body shook with excitement and the voice that came out made the crowd gasp. We were his, completely. There were moments when he would hit a note and no one really knew how to react and just when you thought it was good it got better. The band all shared knowing glances, they are part of something magical and it is obvious that they are all just doing what they love. The drummer was absolutely beautiful. When they came on one of the american guys turned to me and said ‘70% sure he’ll take his top off’ he did. Every woman, young and old, came over all giggley. After the show I asked him to give my aunt a hug… totally worth it for the huge smile on her face! The highlights of the show were Allen’s cover of ‘is this love?’ by Bob Marley. It brought a tear to my eye. I also loved it when the bass player and piano player harmonised with him. It was so beautiful and unexpected. ‘Sleep’ was fantastic… I think the fact that the crowd screamed ‘WE WANT MORE ALLEN STONE!’ as soon as he left the stage (and promptly returned for an encore) says it all.

So I challenge you to go and see Allen Stone and not be moved… this is music that speaks directly to the heart and we all have one of those.


Allen Stone.. doing what he does.





26 03 2012

So I have recently discovered the Rockaoke band. If you live in London, or are going to any festivals, I suggest you discover them too. They are a professional (and very good) rock band who play from a list of songs and then you can join them on stage and pretend to be a rock star. Their website has a list of the songs and their upcoming gigs I would throughly recommend getting yourself to one of their shows. Just a little advice though if you do want to sing get your song request in early. They are very popular! The first time I saw them I didn’t get to sing as they were inundated with requests. There are some really great singers though so its worth it even if you are too shy to get up and sing. I hope to be unleashing my inner rockstar again soon! 

Me on stage at The PEA awards

26 03 2012

Me on stage at The PEA awards

I got to join the rockaoke band on stage at the Pea awards in Southwark. It was a brilliant event with some of the most incredible people in sustainable business in attendance. I sang a KT Tunstall song and enjoyed some lovely organic Gin and canapes

Singing through sadness

20 03 2012

So recently I have been feeling pretty down. My boyfriend and I parted ways hence my gap in blog posts. One of the things that helped me to feel better was just to get up and sing.All the anxiety and upset in my stomach that I felt when I thought of our breakup just fell away when I started to sing. That may sound a bit strange but I have been through all of my resources: getting upset, getting angry, talking to friends, eating pints of Ben and Jerrys! Getting hugs from my mum and the one thing that makes me feel the best is just singing at the top of my voice! I can’t recommend it highly enough. I can map each stage of the break up with a song and this has strengthened my relationship with music. A relationship that can always be relied on to be nourishing and fulfilling.

I have recorded my efforts and put a couple of them on youtube. Here is one for you to check out. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making the video!


8 01 2012

I woke up this morning to the news of Beyonces B’Day , in this case of course I mean birth day. Her daughter Blue Ivy Carter has arrived! I would like to congratulate both her and Jay-Z. Beyonce is one of my favorite artists and this news makes me smile, it also got me thinking about birth.. and rebirth. So I went off in search of it in the only place I was sure it would be, in nature. I went to my local park, armed with my camera to take some pics and get some air. On the way I found a small fruit tree and some wild mushrooms growing in the middle of the street. The fact that everything else around looked so dreary and they were still growing through was very beautiful. Walking around the park I  found so many things starting to grow, new life everywhere, and also things dying off or hibernating. Its hard to believe sometimes that I miss the beauty just behind my house because I am too busy noticing what is ugly about it which is why Ive included my last photo, it shows a rather ordinary scene yet for some reason I couldn’t stop looking at the picture. I thought I would share some of my pictures with you all : )



The beginning…

7 01 2012

So I feel that since this is in fact my first post I should probably explain my intentions… although justify them I will not. It has become clear to me that what is of the highest importance in life is simply to enjoy the moment. Living in London and managing the daily stresses of life sometimes means that I get tunnel vision and do not see that really there is an opportunity for happiness at every turn. So while strolling around Islington with a friend we came up on a shop called  Lie down i think i love you  and so the concept for this blog was born. The idea of surrendering felt like such a relief to me. I decided to seize and document the beautiful and inspiring things in my life and let them in. So I will simply be sharing day by day, week by week, month by month, the things that enrich my life. Hopefully they will be things that can be shared and enjoyed by you, the readers and you can, metaphorically speaking lie down and let me love you ….

Where it all began....